Gender equit­able edu­ca­tion sys­tems and qual­ity edu­ca­tion

German development cooperation is pursuing a holistic approach to education and promotes high-quality education along the entire education chain – from early childhood education, primary and secondary education through to vocational training, higher and adult education.

Lifelong learn­ing as an over­arch­ing prin­ciple re­quires:

  • Support

    of more qualified female teachers and trainers

  • Development

    of gender-sensitive teaching and learning materials

  • Offering

    extracurricular activities significantly improve the education of girls

  • Lifelong learning is the overarching principle in promoting education. A strategic approach, using policies and national sector planning, is the basis for achieving long-term and sustainable effects. 
  • Included here is enabling partner ministries to develop and implement gender-sensitive sector planning, interventions and budget plans. It is important that women participate in decision-making and are able to influence the strategic development of the education sector.
  • Raising awareness in communities is fundamental to ensuring that girls have better access to educational institutions and stay in education. Girls’ education is also significantly improved by having more qualified female teachers and trainers and developing gender-sensitive teaching and learning materials as well as extracurricular activities for girls.
  • Infrastructural barriers must be removed. Amending laws can also positively affect access to education, for example by prohibiting child marriage or by legally stipulating that pregnant girls and young mothers may continue to attend school. x


  1. Source: UNESCO (2019) Global Education Monitoring Report